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credits segments

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Radio Sidewinder Idents:
ColdGlider (Vocoder Jingle)
Dan Berry
CMDR iamlocknar (Jingle with lady saying Radio Sidewinder)
CMDR Mandral
Rory Hunter

GalNet News
Content provided by Frontier Developments: GalNet Home Page
News Anchors: Robot Rachel and Computer Pete
Producers: Commander ArbitrationBlack-BartColdGliderMandral

Galnet Technicians:
Mekajinn (Galnet Tech III)
Mylriahd (Galnet Tech III)

Radio Sidewinder News
Reporters: Commander ArbitrationCeska ZbrojovkaMeris EichanderBlack-Bart
Producers: Commander ArbitrationBlack-BartColdGliderMandralNeuroplay

The Radio Sidewinder Talk Show
Show Producer: Felix Jefferson
Hosts: Felix JeffersonStephen Atronarch, CMDR Chives Reios

Episode 09
Hosted by Felix JeffersonStephen Atronarch, CMDR Chives Reios
Guest: Azrael Nixx

Background Music Tracks:
Intergalactic Journey by Spinmeister
Eighty-Eighterer by Paper Sailboat
Out of Touch (stems) by Ass Over Tea Kettle
Schlaflied by Feuerkraehe (aka CMDR Flamebird)
Distant Worlds by CMDR Arbitration
taking my first lunar steps when suddenly… by ivedonethemath
Typhoid Mary by Paper Sailboat

Distant Worlds
Produced and Voiced by: ColdGlider
Written by: ColdGlider and Azrael Nixx
Music: “Distant Worlds Theme (Bedding Edit)” by ColdGlider

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