Credits - Radio Sidewinder


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Creator & CEO: Black-Bart

News Team
Ceska Zbrojovka
Meris Eichander

Audio Team
ColdGlider, Audio Lead

Community Managers
J. Dee (aka Juliet Deelta)
R. Sharpe

Discord Moderators
Azrael Nixx, Ravenholdt, SH4D0W-H4WK, Ceska Zbrojovka, Meris, Neuroplay,

Graphic Design
Logo: Original design by: Commander Broadsword. Recreated & vector version by Cmdr Foxtrot
Radio Sidewinder Crew Logo by Azrael Nixx and Black-Bart
RSC Rangers Flight Logos: Qohen Leth
Website Design: Black-Bart

Radio Sidewinder Crew (In-Game Faction)

The RSC is made up of all players who have joined us on Inara and enjoy winging up together and/or chatting on Discord.
That being said, the RSC Rangers are the team who are more strongly focused on supporting our in-game faction (BGS play). They will often enlist the support of all available RSC players to assist with our expansion across the galaxy! The Rangers are currently organized into three Flights:
Coffee Flight
Led by
Nova Flight
Led by Commander
Taco Flight
Led by Commander
(Special thanks to the amazing Qohen Leth for designing the individual flight logos!)

Talk Show Coordinator: Felix Jefferson