Credits-Clan Ads

Credits-Clan Ads

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Colonia Citizens Network

“I Am A Colonia Citizen Rock Rat”
Music: “Acoustic Breeze” – Royalty Free Music from Bensound
Voiceover: Michael Darkmoor, UntamedZero, Terrana Conscorn
Airdate: 15 Sep 3302
The Colonia Gazette

The Diamond Frogs
“The Diamond Frogs”
Music “Spanish Summer” by

Elite Bodyguards
“Space, it can be lonely out there…”
Written By: CMDR Snelrev, CMDR Moronicron, CMDR Space Swede
Produced By: ColdGlider
Voiceover By: CMDR Moronicron
Music: “A World Away” by Inukshuk courtesy of NCS – No Copyright Sounds
Airdate: 25 Feb 3302
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Clan Info

The Fuel Rats

“The Fuel Rats”
Produced By: The Fuel Rats
Airdate: 22 Sep 3301
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The Galactic Cooperative of Worlds (GalCop)
“The Future Is Yours”
Produced by: Geech MD and Aaron Starr
Voiceover: Tom Schindler
Licensed Music: Inspiration Arise by Christos Poulos licensed from

Teamsters Logistic Corporation (TLC)
“Why Go Anywhere Else?”
Voiceover: Polish_Dan
Music: “Beauty Factory” by Endomorphin
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