Copyright and License - Radio Sidewinder

Copyright and License


Radio Sidewinder is an internet only radio station and therefore does not require a license from Ofcom to broadcast online.

Music royalty collection agencies

Radio Sidewinder does not require licenses from music royalty collection agencies because we only play music that isn’t subject to royalties.

Radio Sidewinder only broadcasts music that is copyright free, in the public domain, licensed under a Creative Commons License (eg or in some circumstances where the artist has given us special permission (but only where they are not subject to another legal obligation).

Some of the music tracks we broadcast are licensed under an attribution license and these attributions are provided on our credits page.

We cannot and do not play music tracks of artists that have a conflicting legal obligation, such as where they belong to one of the many royalty collection societies from around the world.

If you feel that we are incorrectly broadcasting a music track that is subject to copyright/royalty please contact the CEO immediately – contact us – and state the track/artist concerned.

Thank you.