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RSC Government / Command Structure

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RSC Government

Commander in Chief makes final decisions on RSC faction direction and strategy based on advice and consultation with his Secretaries of System (SoS) and Ministers, all of whom make up the Cabinet.  The Cabinet make decisions regarding faction strategy and direction.
SoS lead the faction on a day to day basis making sure the faction runs smoothly. 
The Minister of Internal Affairs deals with internal and domestic issues, including law enforcement. Ensures everyone is doing their job and keeping everyone loyal.
All Ministers are very senior members in the organisation. They are the best qualified people in the organisation to enforce faction rules. They are active members that organise specific activities and missions. They are also the key people that will be relied upon should the SoS not be available for any reason.
Ministers liaise with RSC members to determine their views and suggestions for faction direction.  Ministers represent RSC members and therefore have to consider the interests of the RSC members when putting proposals to The Cabinet, to create a harmonious and democratic minor faction.
RSC Members are therefore the backbone of the organisation. Without them the organisation would lack stability. RSC commanders are the face of the faction and they help keep it lively and active.
More detailed job descriptions to follow.
Some Cabinet positions are still to be filled.  Back to RS Crew page