Radio Sidewinder Crew

Radio Sidewinder Crew minor faction

The Radio Sidewinder Crew [RSC] is our in-game faction (player group/clan).

We are an independent faction with over 200 members.

The RSC is made up of players from all around the world who like to hang out on Discord, run missions and explore together.  We are explorers, pirates, traders, mercenaries and everything in between, both PVE and PVP.  A rag-tag bunch of commanders who have joined together under the banner of Radio Sidewinder.   We are a neutral independent group focused on expanding our influence and “the signal”.

Our sister faction, based in the Colonia region is called Radio Sidewinder Galactic [RSG], a theocractic government that worships “the signal”.

 To apply to RSC – sign up at Inara, click Join and complete your application

The RSC Rangers are the team who are more strongly focused on supporting our in-game faction (BGS play). They will often enlist the support of all available RSC players to assist with our expansion across the galaxy! The Rangers are currently organized into three Flights:

Coffee Flight
Led by Commander Jonuss
Nova Flight
Led by Commander Devlin
Taco Flight
Led by Commander Arda Star-Destroyer
Apply to join the Radio Sidewinder Crew

Can you spare a couple of minutes to talk about “the signal”.

The signal is our radio broadcast spreading far and wide across the galaxy.  More and more Commanders are now appreciating the power of the signal and its influence on the galaxy.  The signal contains entertainment, news and information.  Information is knowledge, knowledge is power!

The signal has the ears of thousands of Cmdrs per month.  If you understand that power, join us.

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Some rules for RSC / RSG members…

Be active and please use our Discord Server.

Rules of Engagement with Player Commanders

Do NOT attack player commanders under the name of RSC.  In the future we will probably have a “wanted” list.

If you spot a player commander in our system you can interdict them and start communications.  You should not open fire first.  Try and engage in communications first.

Suggested Communications:

  • You are in a Radio Sidewinder Crew controlled system – what is your purpose here?
  • Do you listen to Radio Sidewinder?  (If they reply no, then educate them (peacefully) on the error of their ways)

Please report any incursions into Tago or RSC/RSG controlled systems by other player owned factions to your flight leader.


How to Help RSC

Have fun! We have created some rules and structure to our faction but we are here to have fun.  Take part in our events – racing, meet ups etc.

For the latest and most up-to-date information on our missions and how you can help, please check our #tago_announcements channel on our Discord server.


The use of hacks is not permitted. Anyone caught cheating will be dismissed from the faction and ejected out the nearest airlock.


Inara is useful for us to see what ships you have and what type of Commander you are. So please keep your profile on Inara up-to-date.

If you’re naming your ships then feel free to add “RSV”, which stands for Radio Sidewinder Vessel.


General etiquette. Post in the right channel. Don’t discuss RSC/RSG stuff in the Pilots Lounge. Don’t bicker.

Do welcome Commanders to our channels.

If you have signed up at Inara as a member of the RSC and your username/tag on Discord does not say RS Recruit – message Arbitration or ColdGlider on Discord with your details.


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