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Utopia Plans for Humanity’s Extinction

By Black-Bart | Galnet News

Apr 25

An announcement from Simguru Pranav Antal, leader of Utopia, has addressed the possibility that humanity may lose the conflict against the Thargoids.
“For many years, our Sim-Archive has bridged the past and the future by digitally preserving the memories of countless deceased individuals. Should there come a time when our physical selves no longer exist, it is the Sim-Archive alone that will preserve humankind’s essence.”
“As such, in these volatile times, our priority is to ensure that the Sim-Archive survives humanity’s potential extermination. We urge all galactic citizens to join Utopia and help the collective soul of our species live on.”
Commander Solveig Smith, who has fought the Thargoids in the Pleiades, commented:
“Antal makes it sound like we are about to be wiped out, which is far from the truth. Things are tough right now, but we’re a long way off having to convert the whole human race into software!”
A more practical concern was raised by Marquis Felix Novantico, a retired military strategist for the Imperial Navy:
“Pranav Antal’s pessimism notwithstanding, an increase in security for his Sim-Archive is logically sound. The data it contains makes it a valuable prize for our enemy. Should the Thargoids gain access to it, it could lead to a better understanding of human psychology, and allow them to anticipate our tactics more effectively.”Update from Galnet News

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