The Mischief Mile

The Mischief Mile

By Black-Bart | Galnet News

Dec 08

Racers and Fuel Rats have been gathering in the Tepech system for the latest Buckyball Racing Club event: The Mischief Mile.
The race will run from 00:01 GMT on the 5th of December until 23:59 GMT on the 13th of December, beginning at Hooke Hub in Tepech and finishing at Ocampo Station in Mirateje. Participants are required to travel the width of populated space as fast as possible, hitting checkpoints in Fuelum (home of the Fuel Rats Mischief), NLTT 48288 (the most popular place in the galaxy to run out of fuel) and MCC 811.
There are three classes, depending on the ship used in the race: Fuel Rat Regulars, Fuel Rat Crazies, and Bonus Snickers.
Commander RusticolusUpdate from Galnet News

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Tayo 13 December, 2015

Recommended! Crazy/10 would come in last again!

Excellent pilots, excellent people, and a post by AkenBosch mentioned RS by name.

Everyone should race at least once. Fly fast!

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