Galactic News: Starship One Destruction Linked to Mechanical Failure

Galactic News: Starship One Destruction Linked to Mechanical Failure

By Black-Bart | Galnet News

Feb 16

A Federal investigation team has released the results of an official inquiry into the destruction of Starship One. The 600,000-word report confirms that the abnormal energy signature detected just before the ship made its last jump was almost certainly caused by mechanical failure. The report goes on to assert that the failure began with a power surge in the ship’s central power plant – a relatively common occurrence in a high-capacity hydrogen reactor – which overloaded several other core systems.
Despite examining every piece of available evidence, investigators could not find any proof that the ship was sabotaged. They ultimately concluded that the ship’s destruction was the result of a complex, multi-stage engine failure.Update from Galnet News

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Numinar 17 February, 2016

Did they bring in some Imperial spin doctors to help cook up this rubbish?

How can this report be finished so soon? And when was the last time anyone saw a ship just “blow up”?

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