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Antal’s Pessimism Triggers Backlash

By Black-Bart | Galnet News

May 03

Many key figures have contested Pranav Antal’s suggestion that humanity could lose the conflict against the Thargoids.
Federal Shadow President Felicia Winters commented:
“It’s surprising to hear such a dystopian prediction from the leader of Utopia! I know Antal’s heart is in the right place when he talks about preparing for the far future, but our focus should be on the present. The Thargoid threat has prompted an unprecedented level of inter-power cooperation, and this positive approach is what we must concentrate on.”
Admiral Aden Tanner made a statement on behalf of Aegis:
“Let me make this clear: our enemy may be powerful, but they are far from achieving victory. With our AX weaponry and new megaships, Aegis is leading an effective resistance against Thargoid forces.”
Further refutation came from Li Yong-Rui, CEO of the Sirius Corporation:
“With all due respect to Antal, his peculiar vision of humanity surviving as a mass of digital ghosts cannot be taken seriously. It’s not as if civilisation is on the edge of collapse – for most of us it remains business as usual. Our survival instincts and ingenuity will keep our societies functioning for a long time to come.”Update from Galnet News

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