Social Media Cover Redesign

Social Media Cover Redesign


Welcome Commanders and would be competitors to the Radio Sidewinder Social media cover redesign competition. This task will have you create a new, original and utterly amazing cover logo that will hold prime location as the official cover picture for the Radio Sidewinder’s Twitter and Facebook accounts for the foreseeable future. But that’s not all, along with this prestigious place of honour you will also receive a prize package  of your choosing, of up to £20 from the frontier store… fully paid for by Radio Sidewinder.

What follows is information on how to get yourselves involved in the competition as well as important dates for your diaries, so that you don’t miss out on claiming first place and the luxury prize package.

How do I enter? It’s easy and there are lots of ways in which you can enter yourself and your cover design into the competition. You can upload your picture directly to twitter under the hashtag #RScover where members of the Twitter team will check daily so that your logo design is not missed.  If you don’t want to display your cover design throughout the competition then email it to or private message ‘R. Sharpe’ on our discord server or send it through private message on Facebook and Twitter. Competitors are only allowed to enter one cover design, so make sure it’s your best effort.




Discord (message R. Sharpe):

Dates for your diary! The entry time for the competition will run until Friday 1st September at 21:00 UTC. So you have until then, that’s a full two weeks, to design and submit your entry to the competition. After that there will be a full week where the entire Radio Sidewinder Crew will deliberate and vote upon their favourite cover design. The winner of the competition will be announced on Friday 8th September across all social media outlets.

What we are looking for in the design. For this competition we at Radio Sidewinder want to allow you as much artistic licence as possible and there is really no pre-determined design that we are looking for, although the size of the  Profile Header/Cover picture is 1500px by 500px. We only ask that the name ‘Radio Sidewinder’ is present in the design and that no rude, offensive or hateful language, symbols or pictures are used as it will only mean that your design will be disqualified from the event if such items are used. Apart from that we welcome any original and innovative designs that you come up with, remember there is a chance of winning £20 of store credit so give it a good go!

You will be credited with the design but Radio Sidewinder reserves the right to use your submitted image in online publicity.

If you have any questions about the competition please do not hesitate to drop by our discord server or send us an email here at Radio Sidewinder. But until then, the best of luck Commanders and as always, Fly Safe!