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    David Vega

    Now that we can’t play commercial music after moving to a different platform.

    We can play only music that has no copyright or with the artist permission.

    Here is where you can request songs or artist that follow the guidelines above.

    We can try to contact artist that you want.


    David Vega

    Monstercat – Would be nice if they let us.
    Approaching Nirvana
    dig.ccMixter – Thousands of hours of free music – all you have to do is give credit to the musicians.




    I wounder if you guys at Radio Sidewinder need more music.
    Im a Norwegian dj and producer, been djing since 95, and ofc a Elite player.

    I can send you guys some tracks, that i can give you full rigths to play on your radio. My tracks will most of them be printed on vinyl, and not signed to a label. So the tracks that you migth deside to use in your radio will be for free to use on radio.

    My tracks are a mix elements from Goa/Psy/tech trance, and progressive.

    Best regards
    Saaron ( Michael )



    Apologies for not seeing this much, much sooner! Here’s a tag beacon: @soundspinner! We’d be very interested in some more tracks for the station!



    Ty for reply guys.

    Where do u want me to send the tracks to?=)

    Best regard



    Hi @soundspinner, aka Saaron, you can send the mp3s to – you will also need to fill out this form: – it will give us the permission to broadcast your music, while protecting your ownership of the music. Thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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