Broadcasting Update: RS News, Launch Coordinates, Cold Cuts, and Conflict Zones!

Broadcasting Update: RS News, Launch Coordinates, Cold Cuts, and Conflict Zones!

By Laughing Skull | RS Blog

May 08

Greetings, Commanders! We’ve got a new round of content to pump out for you today for your listening pleasure! Set your destination, sit back, and relax to the newest episodes of Launch Coordinates, Cold Cuts and Conflict Zone, as well as an update from the Radio Sidewinder News Desk!


Conflict Zone May 6th, 3301

Arb’s been busy this week, but he hasn’t let that stopped him from collecting information on the hottest battles in the galaxy! You can catch the latest Conflict Zone on our broadcast or on the web!


ColdGlider’s Cold Cuts


ColdGlider’s been buzzing around Studio C all freakin’ day, rhyming and making bad poetry for his latest episode of Cold Cuts. He’s been working with our tech crew to try and get those strange transmissions sorted out so he’s hocked up on Kitten Brand Coffee. Between that and the Kamitra Cigars that Computer Pete keeps smoking you’d think studio C was more of a coffee house than a studio for a radio station.

Anyway, you can catch Cold Cuts this Saturday at 4:00 GMT, so make sure to tune in for some killer music! (Warning: ColdGlider may or may not shout poetry at you.)


Launch Coordinates Round Table

The crew of Launch Coordinates and Commander Neuroplay have been hard at work, and they’re ready to bring you a special episode; a round table featuring the infamous Commander S7 of the pirate organization CODE, Count Monty Fisto of the Mercs of Mikunn, and our own anchorman and independent trader, Commander Arbitration!

In this special round table, Neuroplay and his three guests discuss the pros and cons of their professions, as well as how they feel about their competition! As always, you can catch this super-long episode of Launch Coordniates on the air or on the web! Additionally, you can watch the behind the scenes editing of this monster episode! (Man, Studio A looks so much nicer. I bet Neuroplay gets a private office and everything. Lucky jerk.)


Radio Sidewinder News – Eravate and the unknown artifacts

There’s a lot of information out there surrounding the recent interest in unknown artefacts, as well as the alien parasite that’s been running rampant across Eravate. Luckily, Pete’s bringing you the juicy bits in this episode of R.S. News!

Eravate’s where I started my career in the Pilot’s Federation. I’ve still got some friends there. Hope they’re okay. (I’m sure they are, if they survived dealing with me. Heh.)


Additionally, we’ve got a new member of the Radio Sidewinder family! Everyone at Studio C (even a caffeine-infused ColdGlider) want to give a big warm welcome to Commander Bewilderbeest! You’ll be hearing content from him on our broadcast soon, so keep an ear open!

Anyway, That’s all for today, Commanders! Our tech crew’s started yelling again, so I’m going to go…persuade a few of them to be quiet. Fly smart, fly safe, and thanks for listening to Radio Sidewinder!

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ColdGlider 11 May, 2015

Track Listing for ColdGlider’s ColdCuts – Episode 4:

Intro Music: Paper Sailboat – “Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly”

Iron Maiden – “Aces High”
(Artist requested by Tanj_Redshirt)

Beastie Boys – “Intergalactic”
(Requested by Wembully and Greschalt [BFA])

Hawkwind – “Silver Machine”
(Requested by Boot)

Atari Teenage Riot – “Speed”

Amon Amarth – “Embrace the Endless Ocean”
(Requested by Kami232)

Thanks for listening – hope you tune in next week for more music to kill by!

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