Broadcasting Update: ColdGlider's ColdCuts, plus upcoming Launch Coordinates episodes

Broadcasting Update: ColdGlider’s ColdCuts, plus upcoming Launch Coordinates episodes

By Laughing Skull | RS Blog

Apr 17

Greetings, Commanders! I’m Commander Laughing Skull, the newest edition to the Radio Sidewinder family, and I’m here today to bring to a scheduling update for our broadcast, as well as information on upcoming episodes of Commander Neuroplay’s Launch Coordinates series!


Coldglider has been hard at work these past few weeks, maintaining our broadcasting schedule and keeping us all in the loop with his release updates, and now he’s brought out a new episode of ColdCuts to add to the mix! The second episode of ColdGlider’s ColdCuts will be airing this Saturday at 4:00 GMT, so be sure to tune in! He’ll have fifteen minutes of a blood-pumping show, where the good tracks return and bad poetry flows!

Additionally, we have a pair of Neuroplay’s Launch Coordinates episodes on the horizon! In the upcoming episodes, Neuroplay and the crew of Launch Coordinates will be speaking with members of The First Great Expedition about ways to outfit your ship, what to expect and what to prepare for on your first journey into the deep black, and Launch Coordinates will be hosting a round table with a pirate, a mercenary, and a trader! You can catch the latest episode of Launch Coordinates on our broadcast, or you can listen to it on Neuroplay’s SoundCloud page!


Want to get involved with Radio Sidewinder? Got a story you think we should cover? Want to let us know how we’re doing? Feel free to drop us a line on our forums! We always love to hear from our listeners!

Thanks for listening to Radio Sidewinder! Fly safe, Commanders!

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ColdGlider 18 April, 2015

Thanks to all who listened! Since Arb provides transcripts for his shows, I suppose I’ll do the same:

ColdGlider’s ColdCuts
Episode Two: Telegram
Aired: April 17, 2015


This is ColdGlider and you’re listening to Radio Sidewinder. Get ready for some ColdCuts!

Over the next fifteen minutes I’m unloading a cargo of songs to kill by!

You think you’re in trouble?
You have no idea
I’m coming right for you
And have no fear

Death is my name
And I’m not waitin’
The Trooper’s upon you
Here’s Iron Maiden!

Song: “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden


Up the Irons and all hail Eddie
That guy’s got pipes
And the band?

This is your host, ColdGlider, and you’re listening to ColdCuts on Radio Sidewinder.

If you came out alive
Then you’re better than most
Let’s keep the kills counting
With Whipping Post

Song: “Whipping Post” by The Allman Brothers Band

[Segment 3]

Well there’s more than a few members of government I would love to tie to a whipping post!
You’re listening to ColdCuts on Radio Sidewinder.

Keep your target set and weapons hot
In the hazy swirl of up and down
Finger on trigger- yeah, that’s the spot!
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Song: “Fire” by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

[Segment 4]

Alright, thanks to everyone for listening and tune in every Saturday at 4:00 Galactic Time for ColdCuts on Radio Sidewinder.

Until next time, find us in the forums at And if you happen to record a video of your “coldest kill”, I’d love to see it!

“Love Hurts” but so does the road
Here’s one for you truckers
Who lock and load

Take down the pirates
Defy their command!
It’s Nazareth next
With Telegram

Song: “Telegram” by Nazareth

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