Bounty Bulletin: Top 5 Alliance Bounties - Imperial Bounty Hunting April 17, 3301

Bounty Bulletin: Top 5 Alliance Bounties – Imperial Bounty Hunting April 17, 3301

By Laughing Skull | RS Blog

Apr 18

Greetings, Commanders! For all our big-game bounty hunters out there looking to nail their next big catch, Commander Arbitration has scoured the galaxy for the biggest credit payouts in this episode of Bounty Bulletin! 

Today, we have the Top 5 Alliance Bounties as reported on April 17, 3301 all racked up and ready for hunting, as well as some special bounty hunting opportunities in Imperial space!

Alliance Bounties – Number 5

Starting off our list, we have one CMDR Ronnie Raygun. Ronnie was last spotted in the Riedquat system, aboard La Soeur du Dan Ham.  He’s wanted by the system of Alioth, with a bounty of 4,200,000 credits!

Alliance Bounties – Number 4

At number 4 comes one CMDR WizenedChimp. WizenedChimp was seen cruising through the pirate haven of Orrere, with an Alliance bounty just over 8,000,000 credits!

Alliance Bounties – Number 3

In the center of this wanted list sits CMDR Biskeks! Biskeks was also seen in Orrere, aboard the Sharon Lee Free Market with a bounty of 8,700,000 credits!

Alliance Bounties – Number 2

Holding strong at Number 2 is CMDR White Haven. White Haven is reportedly raising hell throughout the LTT 7488 system, near the station of Rubin Vision and toting a bounty of 14,600,000 credits!

Alliance Bounties – Number 1

Topping off the most wanted for Alliance systems is CMDR z4.Mafia! Z4.Mafia was last reported to be shaking down the Gurney Slade system, and his head is wanted on a platter for a hefty 21,000,000 credits!


Princess Arissa of the Empire has also recently announced a new bounty voucher program for the Imperial systems of LTT 9810 and Almad. In correlation with the ongoing investigation of the attempted assassination of the Emperor, all bounty hunters in these two systems are to be given a performance-based bonus for any legitimately obtained bounty vouchers! Act swiftly, Commanders, because this won’t be happening for long!

That’s all for today’s episode of Commander Arbitration’s Bounty Bulletin, brought to you in part by Epsilon Indi’s Indi Bourbon. Bottoms Up!

Thanks for choosing Radio Sidewinder! Fly safe, Commanders!


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